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Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Description
Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Quick Links:
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Port Authority Silk Touch Polo
A tried-and-true customer favorite, our comfortable classic sport shirt is a first-rate choice for uniforming just about any group. 5-ounce, 65/35 poly cotton pique Knit collar and cuffs Double-needle armholes and bottom hem Side vents Metal buttons with dyed-to-match rims Adult sizes: XS-6XL
Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Price/Availability
SKU: K500
Availability: In Stock
Current Promotions:

Our Price: $23.66-$53.66
Available Colors/Sizes:
Enter The Number Of Items You Would Like To Purchase Under The Color/Size And Click "Add To Shopping Cart".

10X Banana

10X Bark

10X Black

10X Burgandy

10X Coffee Bean

10X Cool Grey

10X Court Green

10X Dark Green

10X Eggplant

10X Gold

10X Hibiscus

10X Lt Blue

10X Lt Pink

10X Lt Stone

10X Mediterranean Blue

10X Mint Green

10X Navy

10X Red

10X Royal

10X Steel Grey

10X Stone

10X Texas Orange

10X Tropical Pink

10X White

3-X Banana

3-X Bark

3-X Black

3-X Burgandy

3-X Coffee Bean

3-X Cool Grey

3-X Court green

3-X Dark Green

3-X Eggplant

3-X Gold

3-X Hibiscus

3-X Lt Blue

3-X Lt Pink

3-X Lt Stone

3-X Mediterranean Blue

3X Mint Green

3X Navy

3X Red

3X Royal

3X Steel Grey

3X Stone

3X Texas Orange

3X Tropical Pink

3X White

4X Banana

4X Bark

4X Black

4X Burgandy

4X Coffee Bean

4X Cool Grey

4X Court green

4X Dark Green

4X Eggplant

4X Gold

4X Hibiscus

4X Lt Blue

4X Lt Pink

4X Lt Stone

4X Mediterranean Blue

4X Mint Green

4X Navy

4X Red

4X Royal

4X Steel Grey

4X Stone

4X Texas Orange

4X Tropical Pink

4X White

5X Banana

5X Bark

5X Black

5X Burgandy

5X Coffee Bean

5X Cool Grey

5X Court Green

5X Dark Green

5X Eggplant

5X Gold

5X Hibiscus

5X Lt Blue

5X Lt Pink

5X Lt Stone

5X Mediterranean Blue

5X Mint Green

5X Navy

5X Red

5X Royal

5X Steel Grey

5X Stone

5X Texas Orange

5X Tropical Pink

5X White

6X Banana

6X Bark

6X Black

6X Burgandy

6X Coffee Bean

6X Cool Grey

6X Court Green

6X Dark Green

6X Eggplant

6X Gold

6X Hibiscus

6X Lt Blue

6X Lt Pink

6X Lt Stone

6X Mediterranean Blue

6X Mint Green

6X Navy

6X Red

6X Royal

6X Steel Grey

6X Stone

6X Texas Orange

6X Tropical Pink

6X White

7X Banana

7X Bark

7X Black

7X Burgandy

7X Coffee Bean

7X Cool Grey

7X Court Green

7X Dark Green

7X Eggplant

7X Gold

7X Hibiscus

7X Lt Blue

7X Lt Pink

7X Lt Stone

7X Mediterranean Blue

7X Mint Green

7X Navy

7X Red

7X Royal

7X Steel Grey

7X Stone

7X Texas Orange

7X Tropical Pink

7X White

8X Banana

8X Bark

8X Black

8X Burgandy

8X Coffee Bean

8X Cool Grey

8X Court Green

8X Dark Green

8X Eggplant

8X Gold

8X Hibiscus

8X Lt Blue

8X Lt Pink

8X Lt Stone

8X Mediterranean Blue

8X Mint Green

8X Navy

8X Red

8X Royal

8X Steel Grey

8X Stone

8X Texas Orange

8X Tropical Pink

8X White

9X Banana

9X Bark

9X Black

9X Burgandy

9X Coffee Bean

9X Cool Grey

9X Court Green

9X Dark Green

9X Eggplant

9X Gold

9X Hibiscus

9X Lt Blue

9X Lt Pink

9X Lt Stone

9X Mediterranean Blue

9X Mint Green

9X Navy

9X Red

9X Royal

9X Steel Grey

9X Stone

9X Texas Orange

9X Tropical Pink

9X White

Large Banana

Large Bark

Large Black

Large Burgandy

Large Coffee Bean

Large Cool Grey

Large Court Green

Large Dark Green

Large Eggplant

Large Gold

Large Hibiscus

Large Lt Blue

Large Lt Pink

Large Lt Stone

Large Mediterranean BLue

Large Mint Green

Large Navy

Large Red

Large Royal

Large Steel Grey

Large Stone

Large Texas Orange

Large Tropical Pink

Large White

Medium Banana

Medium Bark

Medium Black

Medium Burgandy

Medium Coffee Bean

Medium Cool Grey

Medium Court Green

Medium Dark Green

Medium Eggplant

Medium Gold

Medium Hibiscus

Medium Lt Blue

Medium Lt Pink

Medium Lt Stone

Medium Mediterranean BLue

Medium Mint Green

Medium Navy

Medium Red

Medium Royal

Medium Steel Grey

Medium Stone

Medium Texas Orange

Medium Tropical Pink

Medium White

Small Banana

Small Bark

Small Black

Small Burgandy

Small Coffee Bean

Small Cool Grey

Small Court Green

Small Dark Green

Small Eggplant

Small Gold

Small Hibiscus

Small Lt Blue

Small Lt Pink

Small Lt Stone

Small Mediterranean BLue

Small Mint Green

Small Navy

Small Red

Small Royal

Small Steel Grey

Small Stone

Small Texas Orange

Small Tropical Pink

Small White

X-large Banana

X-large Bark

X-large Black

X-large Burgandy

X-large Coffee Bean

X-large Cool Grey

X-large Court Green

X-large Dark Green

X-large Eggplant

X-large Gold

X-large Hibiscus

X-large Lt Blue

X-large Lt Pink

X-large Lt Stone

X-large Mediterranean BLue

X-Large Mint Green

X-Large Navy

X-Large Red

X-Large Royal

X-Large Steel Grey

X-Large Stone

X-Large Texas Orange

X-Large Tropical Pink

X-Large White

X-Small Banana

X-Small Bark

X-Small Black

X-Small Burgandy

X-Small Coffee Bean

X-Small Cool Grey

X-Small Court Green

X-Small Dark Green

X-Small Eggplant

X-Small Gold

X-Small Hibiscus

X-Small Lt Blue

X-Small Lt Pink

X-Small Lt Stone

X-Small Mediterranean BLue

X-Small Mint Green

X-Small Navy

X-Small Red

X-Small Royal

X-Small Steel Grey

X-Small Stone

X-Small Texas Orange

X-Small Tropical Pink

X-Small White

Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Additional Images





Coffee Bean

Cool Grey

Court Green

Dark Green




Lt blue

Lt Pink(up to 6X)

Lt stone

Mediterranean Blue

Mint Green




Steel Grey


Texas Orange

Tropical Pink


Contact Us About The Port Authority Silk Touch Polo
If you have any more questions about the Port Authority Silk Touch Polo; do not see the model you are looking for; need custom options; or prefer to not purchase online, then please call us Toll Free 1.800.858.4044 or at 1.208.772.4044.

Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Quick Links:
   Features | Price/Availability | Additional Photos | Contact Us
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